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5 Unique Alternatives for Perfecting a Business Card

A business card is a representative of your business. I like to look at a business card as a female company representative.

Dress it, makeup it, and put it in the reception. Who would want to meet a rep who is ill-dressed? No one.
Finishing gives your business card rewards you top-notch value.

Business card finishes are layers of designs applied on a business card to enhance the beauty and quality of a business card.


However, we are going to discuss several ways of finishing a business card.

1) Matte
Spice up your business card with matte finishing. Matte is a popular coat that graces a business card with a smooth layer. It is contemporary.
A matte coat is easy to write on. Nevertheless, matte coating is pricier than other coatings. Matte also protects business cards against external factors like rain.

Matte business card finish
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2)Foil stamping
Foil Stamping gives a client a sense of appreciation. For the money and the effort that you put in making the business cards. Foil Stamping is put on cards using metallic foil and heated die. This business card finish is preferable by many institutions.
The foil is applied to the text to make it stand out.

Foil business card finish
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3)Embossed/ debossed
Embossed creates stunning business cards. Embossing is applied by heat pressing without the use of ink.

Debossing is the opposite. Debossing is indenting the surface of the card.
It is tempting not to run your fingers through the finish because it feels good.

Embossed business card finish
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4)Die cut
Die-cut is a distinctive way of styling your business. It involves cutting the business card in a unique shape.
This type of business card gives your customer a sense that you are not limited but, you are creative.

Die cut business card finish
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5)Spot UV
Spot UV is a glossy coating that creates a distinctive look on a business card. It is applied to a specific area like on margins and letters. Spot UV is a way of enhancing the texture of your business card.

Spot UV business card finish
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