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Calendar printing is one of the best 2022 diary printing companies in Johannesburg South Africa. Our diary printing range includes school diaries, laminated diaries, executive diaries, s stitch diaries etc. With us customize your diaries in a way that fits with your target market or clientele test. Branding is available in foiling, embossing, dome stickers, debossing, digital printing, digital transfer, heat transfer printing,  laser engraving, laser etching, pad printing, screen printing, sublimation printing, belly bands, etc

Branding Types For Diary Printing

Diary printing in South Africa Plain Leatherate

Debossing diaries

Debossing is produced by pressing a metal dye in the shape of a logo into the surface of a diary using both heat and pressure creating a permanent stamped impression below the diary surface. This subtle and classy diary branding method creates a unique 3d look and is ideal for genuine and imitation leather diaries as well as PU. Due to the cost involved in making a dye, debossing has a higher initial setup cost compared to other forms of branding. This is however a once-off cost and is not applicable to repeat orders if the artwork remains unchanged

Foiling diaries

Foiling is a process that involves transferring a thin foil to the surface of a product by applying heat and pressure using a metal hot stamp dye leaving behind an indentation of a pre-selected foil color this branding method is ideal for genuine and imitation leather products as well as PU and creates an exceptional superior

Diaries for sale Plain Leatherate
dome stickers for diaries

Dome stickers for diaries

Domed stickers are created by digitally printing artwork in full color. Or on an adhesive vinyl material with a strong adhesive on the reverse. These stickers are then automatically cut to the required shape and size and are coated with a crystal clear polyurethane resin which is allowed to dry. Once dry the finished dome sticker is applied to the diary. This diary branding method is ideal for multicolored logos and can be applied to smooth and rigid surfaces but works best on diaries. This type of diary branding produces a stunning three-dimensional appearance that elevates the perceived value of a product.

Digital transfer

The Digital printing process involves the transfer of ink from the printheads of an inkjet machine, allowing for full-color high-definition digital images to be printed directly onto the front cover of diaries. This method is ideal for printing intricate logos and graphics with multiple colors shading gradients and small text. This high-impact branding method produces excellent clarity with photo realistic results no matter how complex the design is.

diaries for sale

Diary Branding Types Available At Calendar Printing

There are options for great diary finishes which you can choose from like:

Foiling Debossing

This is the application of a metallic foil, either gold, silver, or bronze to a solid surface using heated dye which makes it permanently stick to the surface below. Pocket folders, business cards, or letterheads usually have foiled embossing. Other colors may be used as foils.

Full Colour Printed Lamination

A clear plastic film is applied to printed pieces. You can choose between a glossy or matte finish. The advantage of lamination is that it adds strength and longevity to the finished product. Daily examples you would see of laminated products are membership cards, restaurant menus, or educational material.

Screen/Pad Printing

Here, a mesh is used to transfer ink onto a substrate. Some areas are made impermeable to the ink using a blocking stencil. One color is printed at a time therefore several screens can be used to produce a multi-colored image or design.

2022 Personalised Diaries

2022 personalized diaries are perfect for individuals, businesses, schools, and other organizations. Apart from working as reminders, corporate diaries can also be used as promotional tools. They can be the perfect corporate gifts for loyal and long-serving clients. If you are looking forward to promoting your brand and presenting it to your clients daily, then these personalized diaries are one of the best ways to do it.

Why Do You Need Diary Printing?

filofax printing johannesburg

Printed diaries represent your brand well. A brand is the idea or image of the product or service which the consumers connect the most with. Consumers identify with the name, logo, tagline, and design of the company. You market the brand through customized diary printing. The custom diary will have your company visuals on display from page to page. Sounds like great subtle marketing, doesn’t it? No two diaries are the same, and with our custom diary printing, you can make your personal diaries even more individualized by applying individual names.

Diary Manufacturers

We are the leading dairy manufacturers in South Africa and the whole SADC region. There are many different ways to make your diary personal to your company, and give off the best impression. Diary printers can help you to design planners from scratch or workaround designs you have. Diary manufacturing has been so deeply integrated into our society that it has become an everyday advertising for people, an extension of life. have to create the best custom diary.

Diary Printing Types

You can choose from wire binding, hardback wire binding, book printing, ring binding, and more. Other types include Filofax diary printing, laminated diary printing, executive diary printing, s-stitch diary printing, spiral diary printing, and custom diary printing.

We can customize your bulk diary printing requirements to include weekly or monthly dividers and pages with your company’s information. The design can be provided by you or be designed in-house.

Diary Printing Services

With our successful diary printing services, you can pull in a lot of clients. And increase their trust in working with your business. That is what a professional diary can do for your brand. Good branding indicates your company’s business skills, quality control, and high customer care. Surely a professional custom diary will remind your customers of your brand every single day for the whole year.

A diary design ought to have a connection to everything about your business and brand. You must demonstrate who you are as an organization.  

Here Are Some More Reasons Why You Need Diaries And Calendars:

The long-standing clients who receive your diary will take it to other boardrooms. Welcome to the big leagues.

Retaining customer loyalty is as simple as showing them that you value them and want to be with them all the time.

Rewards keep clients happy. Clients who receive a free custom printed diary will be thrilled at getting a gift. This will serve as a token of gratitude, and let’s face it – everyone needs diaries. While pens get lost all the time, a diary will be carried everywhere.

With the promotion diaries provided by this company, you can pass across a subtle message that doesn’t make it look like you’re advertising your company.

They will also love receiving this and the more they carry it everywhere, the more they can talk about the company they work for.

A diary is a useful item. Your customer will use it for the entire year and in the process, be exposed to your brand regularly. Your brand image will be visible to them every time they use the diary for taking down notes, appointments, etc., or taking a peek into their scheduled events, holidays, and others.

Those other promotional options cannot make you more connected to other people. Diaries, on the other hand, are more powerful because of the emotional attachment people have with them. Those who use them will not throw them away easily and the longer they are kept around the more your company becomes exposed.

Diary Printing And Your Business

Still aren’t convinced that having us custom print a diary for your brand is the way to go? It is simple. The benefits our diaries will have for your business are endless.

The best way to promote your brand is as simple as offering a promotional diary. You are giving away something worthwhile and a gift with value. The diary can be used as a business tool and brought out at conferences with colleagues, suppliers, or customers, so your brand name appears in situations you had not considered.

The good thing about diaries is the fact that everyone needs one. Regardless of their situation, people have to remember important events, birthdays, anniversaries and a diary is a great way to do that.

What To Consider Before Your Order Your 2022 Diaries?

To get a diary printing quote from us we need a few key details:

While this may sound like it is difficult to estimate, you will only need to have an idea of how your planner will be laid out. This means sitting down with your favorite diary printer and planning out exactly what you will include on every page of your planner – even down to how many pages you want for each month of the year. This is generally known as a flatplan.

Diary sizes include pocket-size diaries, slim diaries, A5 diaries, B5 diaries, A4-size diaries, and B5 diaries that are sometimes called executive diaries. The popular diary printing sizes are A5 and A4 sizes. The size will depend on the use of the diary and its intended users.

The weight and type of paper will in turn affect the best method of binding. After all, we can’t have the diaries falling apart before the year is done now, do we? If you want to create a product people can use (and possibly carry around with them) for a full year, your diaries need to be strong to last many years.

As one of the best diary printing companies with your company in mind, we will be happy to advise you and/or send through paper samples. It’s important to touch/feel the paper yourself before you get anything printed.

After all, you need a durable, long-lasting diary that will represent your long-lasting product or service to your loyal clients.

Who To Give A Diary Gift To?

Giving your own customers, suppliers and prospects a promotional diary is a great way to keep your business in their mind daily. We are specialists in promotional diary printing and can supply you with customized and personalized diaries that are gold foiled on the cover to give you that professional edge and give your customers value.

Diary Printing In South Africa

At Calendar printing, we aim to provide the best diary printing from Johannesburg to Cape Town in the shortest time possible.

We promise great quality designs with impeccable finishes. We do all that with your brand in mind. We aim to make sure that your business has the best foot forward in terms of representation and marketing. We also have your clients in mind as we produce good quality diaries that will withstand different working conditions and industries. Every industry requires one to keep notes, appointments, important reminders, and events. Our high-quality diaries will do the trick.

Where We Deliver Diaries?

Diaries are manufactured and shipped nationwide. And to all neighboring countries that include Mozambique, Zambia, Malawi, Zimbabwe, Lesotho, Swaziland, Namibia, and Angola.

We Offer Competitive Prices

As one of the best custom diary printers in South Africa. You save a lot of money with Calendar printing. Because you will be buying your diaries direct from diaries manufacturer. We are a leading custom diary wholesaler in Johannesburg.

We want to be part of the journey in growing your brand. Let us help you retain customers who are loyal to you and have your staff showcase the great side of your company wherever they go.

The Future Of Diary Printing

The future of customized diary printing is with us and we intend to make a great job for you and your clients. Request a quote today. Contact us and we can discuss great designs for your custom diaries because 2022 is fast approaching us. Personalized diaries are more effective than other promotional advertisements. Printed ads, pamphlets can be disposed of and ads on TV can be ignored. As for diaries, a person will attend to them since they help you to connect them with your brand.

A creatively designed diary incorporating the theme of your company is great in leaving a lasting impression. After all, such a strategy aims to make a pleasant connection with your customers and showcase your brand. Many among us appreciate tangible forms of brand promotions with a pleasing look and feel. Personalized diaries especially serve this purpose. Adding to this, the usefulness of the diaries makes them a valued asset that your customers would keep with themselves, and at the same time, their loyalty to your company will grow.

Diaries gifted to your customers will make them happy as they will receive it as a reward. Everybody loves receiving gifts and offers, and gifting diaries to them will definitely please them. So we can see that it is quite sensible to use customized diaries to boost your company’s publicity. It is also an effective marketing strategy. Printing customized diaries in South Africa has got easier, faster, and better with Calendar printing.

Personalize your diaries to match your company vision.

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