Calender Printing In Johannesburg

The Reasons Why You Need To Choose Calendar Printing

Are you looking for a printing company in Johannesburg?

Then look no further.

We are a well-known printing company in Johannesburg, for being the best printing company.

But if we start by telling you how good we are, you might find it hard to believe us. 

We do not want you to believe us but to know us. Calendar is a printing company based in Johannesburg. For the past six years, we have been doing business locally and internationally.

We do digital printing, litho printing, large format printing, print finishing, screen printing, heat-press, among others.

Calendar Printing offers a variety of printing services that are of high quality.

Maybe you have once come across the terms 3D printing and UV inkjet and have been confused about what they mean.

Well, let us explain to you. 

3D printing is a process of making three-dimensional solid objects from a digital file.


UV inkjet is a process of digital printing using ultraviolet light to dry ink. It prints on paper, or aluminum, foam board, or acrylic.

We print books, calendars, folders, and magazines, etc.

Calendar Printing prioritizes its customers. We handle all volumes of work for both local and international.

Why choose Calendar Printing over other printing companies?

Calendar Printing Company is a brand that helps other brands make a name for themselves. One of our mission is to help you get where you want to be. We have worked with a variety of clients who got away satisfied by our delivery of services. 

1) fast delivery

  • a good printing company in Johannesburg is one that offers swift delivery of services
  • Calendar Printing is a digital printing company mixed with other printing
  •  our machines are advanced and self operative
  • We use printing devices such as Letterpress Printing Machines, Ink-jet Printers
  • we appreciate value than money

2) our services are affordable

-our printing prices are low, especially during this Covid 19 pandemic, because we don’t want you to get broke

-we care for your business, and that is why our printing prices range from 50 ZAR 

3)we are reliable

-a unique printing company is trustworthy to its clients

  • Calendar Printing promises what it can deliver to its clients 
  • and we meet deadlines scheduled
  • we hate making our clients angry that is why we have various social media and contact platforms so that if our clients are displeased by how we handle our business, they can tell us

4)we offer high-quality products

-the golden rule of printing is to choose a company that creates high-quality prints

-whenever we do printing, we add love and quality as a result of it

-the quality of our products comes from our dedicated and experienced team

– and from our advanced printing machines

5)we offer a money-back guarantee

-to stand out, a printing company should satisfy its customers, and if it fails, it has to reprimand 

-incase our customers are not happy in any other way

– we give them back their money

6)Calendar Printing Company provides different type of printing

-as a company, we have different kinds of printing 

– we offer calendar printing, among others

As Calendar Printing, we believe printing isn’t merely a process of putting ink on a fabric or paper but is speaking, engaging with the soul through a piece of material.

Are you looking forward to spoil your clients as a way of saying thank you for purchasing your products?

Don’t look any further. Calendar Printing makes colorful calendars at an affordable price. Our Calendar sizes vary from A2 desk pad calendar to wall calendars.

To some consumed in digital technology, business cards seem an archaic material. But business cards are ideal because they are portable, smart, and contain brief contact details.

We can suit you in any way you want.

Contact us today and place your order.


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